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Internet Marketing & Website Design

Do you want more website visitors? Do you want more followers at your social sites? Do you want more leads and more sales? Your website and your social media platforms need great keywords, yes. More than that though, you need great keywords in great content. What's the one challenge that just about every small business marketer has? Writing content. Content is still king and you still really need it. This SlideShare presentation sums how most non-writers feel about creating content. Take a look and get some ideas... they are all around you.

Source: How to Overcome Writer's Block: Content-Creation Tips and Writing Prompts from MarketingProfs

About this SlideShare ad: Yes, this is an ad -- a different type of ad that is also helpful (makes me want to start sketching). They offer a free or pro accounts; start with the free first to see if it's a good fit for you.

Not enough to get you going? Get help creating a content outline and publishing schedule to help you kick start your content creation and curation. Call me at 978-712-0452 or email me and we can talk about your Internet marketing goals. From full plans to coaching sessions, there's a solution that fits your time and financial budget.


Attract, Engage & Convert Visitors to Customers

Design Is Just The Beginning...

Your Focus: Attract & Engage Web Site Visitors

Your site needs to be designed specifically for your target audience. It requires a clear call to action as well as several other key elements to get the results you want... elements that make the difference between a site visit and a site exit.

Here are a few proven methods to build site traffic, generate leads and boost your business growth.

  • Plan Web site for your primary target audience - plan your content in advance.
  • Write content that is benefit rich. Offering solutions to problems is more effective than content that describes what you do. People want to know how you can help them.
  • A clear call to action helps your site visitors take the next step. A visit to your Web site is one of the first steps of building a relationship between the site visitor and you. Let people know what the next step is to continue the relationship.


Your Engaging Content

It's not what you say it's how you say it. Content should engage site visitors. Persuasive words and a strong call to action motivate people to take the next step in building a relationship with you.

If you promote a service related business, it's all about building credibility and trust for a future transaction. Credibility and trust is even more important to site owners who need to sell product on the first visit. As with site design, the content is driven by your target audience and their specific wants, needs and expectations.

Writing and structuring content for the Web is quite different than writing for print. First and foremost, the majority of Web users scan text rather than read — they want information fast and you have only a few seconds to capture and hold their attention. Words tell your story. Words written for the Web and your target audience will help you gain more leads and sales.

Your Online Visibility Is Based On Search Engine Readiness

Once your site is launched there are a number of ways (and delays) to achieve high visibility. The strategies of search engine optimization and search engine marketing changed significantly with the onset of social media. And with the volume of new sites submitted each day - along with the desire to be top in search engines such as Google - the competition is fierce. Search engineers are constantly re-engineering their algorithms to ensure that quality sites with relevant content are indexed higher in the search results. Keeping up with the changes is a challenge even for a trained SEO professional. What works today may not work tomorrow. That's why search engine optimization and online visibility is an ongoing effort, just like your other marketing. In other words, search engine marketing is not a one time event. Click here to see a video interview of Google's Matt Cutts who discusses how to improve your site visibility.

Your Online Marketing Helps Drive Traffic

Unlike a once popular kitchen appliance, the "set it and forget it" approach doesn't work for today's Web site. Your site needs constant care and attention. Driving visitors to your Web site helps generate more leads when you follow proven online lead generation guidelines. Search engine optimization happens during the early stages of the site build. Search engine marketing is one online marketing strategy to promote your site, build incoming links and keep visitor traffic flowing. Other online marketing strategies include email campaigns, article marketing and social media. All are proven ways to systematically build traffic. All require a focus on target audience and depend on targeted keyword phrases.

Getting to the Next Step

Creating a Web site that attracts visitors, holds their attention and converts them to leads or customers requires a focused approach. There are many factors that affect how your site is indexed in search engines -- in fact, there are currently over 200 factors, and many of them will determine where your site appears for your top ranking keywords. The Web Division stays on top of the latest design and search engine optimization trends and strategies to ensure that the site we build for you will be future compatible, search engine ready and, above all, people centric. That means you own a site that satisfies the first phase of attracting qualified visitors. After all, if people can't find your site, how can they choose to do business with you? We have a system that's designed to generate clicks and convert those clicks to leads and customers. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Attract. Engage. Convert.


We are currently in the process of planning new social media and marketing workshops for 2011.

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